Hair goals

3 Dec

Jah Bless

More hairspiration

15 Nov

You inspired me. I stole all these from Tumblr. 


Jah Bless


15 Nov

That is all. 
Jah Bless

I am already slacking! 

13 Nov

Yo yo yo! So I did a henna treatment this weekend and had a wash day this week and didn’t even remember to take pics.  I know I know, I need to organise my life. I am on that…

Above are pics of my previous was day. I have bought Hello Hydration for the first time in around a year. I have been using Tressemme Naturals-you get more bang for your buck as it is 900ml. But alas is has been discontinued. 

I have also repurchased Giovanni Direct Leave In. Forgot how much I love it. The pics of the naked curls (orange vest) I have tried to capture how great my hair looks straight after I have applied it. iPhone camera doesn’t cut it I am afraid. 

Started off on 4 day old bunned hair. I was also using gel for duel definition. I use Ecostyler gel. Either the Argan Oil or Olive Oil. Whichever is cheapest. 

The oils in the top pic are a purchase from Amazon. £12.50. Trying to see if I can whip up some creams or just use them during this winter. Assess what all the fus is about. I will keep you posted. 

I have already added some Rosemary Oil to my Shea butter mix. Not a fan of the smell but my hair feels good. I will get some pics of the henna hair this week and promise to document the next treatment. I generally do it once every six weeks or so. 

Enjoy your week people. 

Jah Bless


30 Oct

So my friend sent this to me a week or so ago and I have had it as my DP on WhatsApp ever since. 

At my time of life (approaching a big age next year). I am thinking life is actually too short to deal with people’s nonsense. 

I am adopting this as my mantra. I reckon I will be happier. Particularly at work.

I will let you know how I get on. 

Jah Bless 

Wash day

30 Oct

My quick wash day went like this….

Washed with black soap. Half a head of palmers-as it was only enough product for half a head. 

The other half with the Hollywood beauty cholesterol. 

Bagged it. Tied it up for a few hours. Did my Saturday chores. 


Top pic is palmers.  Second pic is Hollywood beauty. Much of a muchness really. Hollywood beauty side was a bit softer. 

Then I used my Giovanni direct leave in and Shea moisture to twist each half of my hair into three twists. 

The result:

Jah Bless 

Paris hair

28 Oct

So I mentioned my amazing twist out in my last post. Below are the pics. Please note this is at 4am while we were getting ready to leave for St Pancras station so excuse the tired face! 

My hair has been in mini twists for two weeks now. I kept them moisturised with palmers leave in spray (the coconut version) and Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie which I have started to use again. They now sell them in Superdrug! 

I pulled these twists out in the morning. 

Below is what I am currently using for my fro. Running out of the trader joes and have no plan to go back to the states any time soon so I am replacing with Giovanni Direct leave in. 

Top left is my own Shea mix which is shea, coconut oil and aloe Vera gel. I mix with a fork until it is smooth. I am on the lookout for a good deep conditioner though. At the moment I am leaving my cholesterol in over night. But the ingredients in that are not the greatest. Any suggestions? 

Jah Bless